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replica uggs for sale,Buy authentic cheap replica uggs for sale free shipping outlet. Lindegaard: LEGO has always been pretty critical on the products to launch and having this in mind then I think womens classic short uggs on sale this is just as much about innovation as marketing. A more pure marketing play in my view would be My Starbucks Idea they definitely got people talking, but the idea implementation rate is very little. On ratio, we also need to look at the number of ideas submitted on uggs kensington boots on sale uk which LEGO is not really that high as far as I can see. Speidel: Hello Stefan, I have a follow up question on this: I just went to see the My Starbuck Ideas site. It talks about 277 ideas implemented. This seems quite a lot to me. Why is it that you consider it a marketing initiative and more so than Lego Cuusoo? Lindegaard: Yes, Starbucks got lots of ideas implemented. But it is actually a very, very little fraction of all of their submissions. They just got a tremendous high volume which makes their initiative an even more successful marketing machine with a smaller innovation component. I think many companies envy the engagement Starbucks have with their customers on this initiative. Speidel: What makes Lego Cuusoo look so marketing orientated to me is the fact that you need 10,000 fake uggs for sale canada people to uggs australia mini sale like your suggestion for Lego even to take a look at it. This is insane compared to the 100/200 at cheap after christmas sale on uggs used uggs for sale Quirky, Threadless, etc. where it also about developing products/improvements directly affecting the customer. christian louboutin hot sale christian louboutin boots sale christian louboutin shoes sales christian louboutin shoes sale
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