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classic tall chocolate uggs sale,Buy authentic cheap classic tall chocolate uggs sale free shipping outlet. I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed after I posted mine and cheap cardy uggs sale realized there was a similar instructable posted a few days earlier. It is a basic recipe though which has been around for a long time and has gotten a lot of attention this Halloween season since uggs sale clearance it was featured on the Martha Stewart website which is where I got the recipe from. We made different things with it though, so its just a variation on a theme. I think they're both great instructables and you can't have too many good ideas floating around! Awesome project. You could get (more) creative/nerdy and make different types of slides. The ones you made are peripheral blood smears. You could also make bacterial smear slides (like Gram positive (purple) or uggs on sale nordstrom Gram negative (pinkish) but use food colouring instead of Gentian violet) or tissue slides. Jello petri dishes could be awesome too. Red jello with streaks of greenish brown would make perfect replicas of blood plates with hemolytic bacteria. I worked as a lab researcher in infectious diseases for the year genuine uggs boots sale and a half after I graduated from college until recently. I admit that I am a huge biology nerd who is currently coming up with halloween lab candy ideas instead of working on medical school applications. You can get slide holders, slide boxes, slide books (which would be easy to make yourself) or a Coplin Jar for display. [Coplin Jars are uggs australia black friday sale really cool but don't buy a used or "antique" jar. They almost certainly contain deadly chemicals like xylenes.] christian louboutin shoe sale christian louboutin shoes for sale christian louboutin sale men shoes christian louboutin shoes men sale
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