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black bailey button uggs on sale,Buy authentic cheap black bailey button uggs on sale free shipping outlet. If we're sitting here in mid November, early December, and it's 75 degrees in New York City, we're going to be over inventoried in the channel, I can guarantee you that. So I think retailer have brought in the appropriate amount of inventory based on last year, which was not a good year for weather. So we're kind of just sitting here waiting on cold weather. I mean I hate the that's what drives me nuts, it's just uggs sale uk cheap sitting here with this, watching the weather report everyday. It's kind of I feel and I know what it's like to be in the ski resort industry. Now, I know he isn't being completely serious, but I am a bit troubled by the sentence "So we're kind of just sitting here waiting on cold weather." There are plenty of things Deckers could be, and should have been doing, that I will cover later on. The good news for Deckers is that right now, in the NYC area, temperatures are in the low 50s and upper 40s, so the weather has turned in its favor. Still though, I was not impressed by the quote, because it gives the image of a room full of executives sitting around just watching The Weather Channel. Inventory nordstrom uggs sale levels appear to be too highOne of the issues with Deckers over the past year has been too much inventory. With inventory levels a bit inflated, Deckers has been forced to reduce prices and look uggs on sale black friday 2014 to closeout sales to get rid of inventory, especially in Europe. After third quarter sales numbers came well below expectations, Deckers' inventory balance is again a big question. Think about it this way. When Deckers gave Q4 black classic tall uggs sale guidance last year, the company guided to about $555 million in sales for the quarter. At the end of Q3 last year, Deckers had slightly under $357 million in inventory on hand. This year, the company is guiding to about $640 million in sales for Q4, but it had $486 million in bailey button uggs sale women inventory on hand at the end of Q3. Remember, Deckers' sales widely missed expectations in Q3, so it didn't sell as much as it had hoped. That means it has extra inventory. Also, with sheepskin prices not expected to improve until late 2013, Deckers cheap uggs boots sale uk will still have some of its higher cost inventory from earlier in this year on hand. christian louboutin christmas sale christian louboutin for sale christian louboutin for sale christian louboutin sale authentic shoes
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