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uggs sale for cyber monday,Buy authentic cheap uggs sale for cyber monday free shipping outlet. Whats funny here is that everyone sees crimes being committed, but craig is the only person that should do anything about. It seems to me that arresting people off craigslist should uggs xmas sale be like shooting fish in a barrel, if the cops and officials were so inclined. Instead everyone wants to pass the buck onto craig. All he did was open a public domain in which mature adults can interact. Kind of like a public street or market place. uggs classic short sand sale Last time I checked, public officials regulate public domain. The reporter in the video said she received a bunch of calls from her fake ad, so why didn't SHE contact law enforcement. The cop in the video said craigslist. doesn't call them about suspicious ads, but the ads are right there for the cops themselves to see. They don't even have to get up from their desk and put down their donut. Wouldn't it be nice if public officials actually did the jobs they are paid to do instead of just taking our taxes and then start telling us how hard the uggs sale uk genuine job is. This is a personal attack on Craigslist. uggs go on sale for black friday Why don't you talk about all the other sites who blatantly advertise prostitution services such as backpage. Have you seen the pictures on those ads? I'm sure you have but you, just like CNN and others will pretend like those other sites exist cheap uggs for sale under 100 and just go after Craig. I hope Craig doesn't allow himself to be bullied by the very same politicians who call us girls for these services. How about you let us ADULTS (who are not being traficked and are NOT BEING FORCED), do what we adults will do anyway. Using child trafficking is such bs. I doubt anyone who is doing something like that would actually post on a site where they are easily accessible by law enforcement. YOU ARE A JOKE Hurray! Here is one of the few media outlets that "gets it" this morning. Human trafficking IS happening every day on Craigslist. And they have been making more than 3 million dollars a year on it, I mean, come on. This is a community space: families come to our site to buy used bikes, advertise garage sales, and look for a new home. A community classified ads site is the last place I would want to find any "adult" content, let alone violent crime, prostitution, and human trafficking violations. christian louboutin nordstrom sale christian louboutin shoes sale online on sale christian louboutin shoes men christian louboutin sale
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