Head Huggers: Knit Pattern: 27

Stretchy Adult Knit Cap

pattern sent to Head Huggers from Marilyn F.
(pattern designer unknown)
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Hat Photo
Hat Photo

This cap is very stretchy. It is so easy and fun to make.

This is a rib pattern which will be visible after 3 - 4 rows.

Knitting Needles - 8 & 6 (2 needles each size)
Yarn - sport yarn

Always cast on multiple of 4 stitches plus 1.

Row 1 - with size 8 needles cast on 81 stitches
Row 2 - *knit 2, purl 2 * across row ending knit 1
Row 3 - change to size 6 needles,* knit 2 purl 2* across row ending knit 1
   Continue repeating row 3 until piece measures 8 inches or desired length

Top shaping
Row 1 - (right side row) *K2tog, P2tog*; repeat ** across, ending k1
Row 2 - *P1, K1*; repeat ** across, ending P1.
Row 3 - same as Row 1, ending with K1.
Row 4 - *K1, P1*: repeat ** across.
Row 5 *K2tog, P2tog*; repeat ** across, ending with K1.

Leave a length of yarn long enough to sew seam (I leave the length at beginning of casting on so I can sew the seam up to the top) Using a yarn needle draw yarn through remaining stitches on the needle and pull up tight. Fasten off. Sew back seam. This can be turned up for brim or left turned down.

You can also add a knit flower.

See also the child's version of this pattern.