Head Huggers: Knit Pattern: 13

Flower Top Knit Chemo Cap

Knit Head Hugger
Designed by Sue W. Thompson from the sample made by Suzie K-M
Hat Photo
Hat Photo
Hat Photo

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Made by Suzie K-M



Cast on 63 stitches and divide evenly between three dp knitting needles. Knit in the round with color A until piece measures 7".

Change to color B and continue knitting in the round another 1 1/4".

Continue with color B for one row as follows: *K 8 sts, K 2 tog*; repeat around; K last 3 sts. (57 sts)

Change to color C and continue knitting in the round 3/4" more.

Change back to color A and knit one row.

Cast off.

Using strong thin crochet thread in color to match yarn of hat (color B or color C), tie around hat at top of color B (Bottom of color C) and draw top of hat into tight knot.

Fasten off.

Note: I like to use green as my color B... thinking of it as the petals or leaves around the flower. For color C, I chose a bright 'flower' color.

Another Suggestion: Bouclé types of yarn work very well with this pattern.