Head Huggers

Do you knit? Crochet? Sew?
Would you like to use this skill to help
someone who has undergone hair loss due to chemotherapy, brain surgery, burn wounds, etc.?

I am embarking on a project to do just that, and would like to invite you to join me.

hat photo A while back, I met a wonderful woman who happened to be going through the experience of chemotherapy. Her one and only apparent side effect was that she had lost her hair. While we were out shopping and having lunch, this neat lady chose to wear a baseball cap to keep her head warm, even though the weather was mild.

hat photo Pondering this later, it seemed a shame that this woman who was already braving cancer and all that this entailed, also had to suffer with a cold head. I decided to knit her a warm, soft cap. Finding knit hat patterns on the internet, I was able to knit two caps in rather quick succession... actually using up yarn left over from previous knitting projects.

Then, realizing there are a lot of folks out there with cold heads as a result of chemotherapy or other medical treatments, I decided to do more. I have found many more hat patterns, even some specifically labeled 'chemo caps.' I have patterns for knitted caps, for crocheted caps, and for caps which can be sewn out of fleece. I have received permission from the designers of the patterns to distribute them to other craftspeople who might want to join me in this project.

My plan is to distribute the caps to hospitals, oncology offices, hospices, etc. so that they can more readily be available to those who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy, etc. But to make it work, I need volunteers to help with the production. Won't you consider joining me?

If you are interested and would like more information (including 'Head Huggers Guidelines' and patterns), please explore this site then contact me.

Sue W. Thompson

3/10/2015: Important Note -- Moving - Address Changes: Updated

Hello Head Hugger volunteers,

My husband and I have moved to Tucson, Arizona... We have built our new home here in Arizona and have a new address. Meanwhile, I will be at this same email address (pachydermplace@hotmail.com) and my phone number will remain as is (410-643-5767).

Sooooo............ if you want, you can...
1. Distribute your hats to any of the satellite Head Huggers groups listed on my web site.

2. Distribute your own hats somewhere locally.
     You can find Cancer Centers listed by state at ACCC (Assn. of Community Cancer Centers)...

Send your chemo caps to me for distribution at our new address:
     Sue W. Thompson, 62691 E. Border Rock Road, Tucson, AZ 85739.
This address should be good forever.

I LOVE you all,
Sue (Thompson)

P.S. there are new files for the brochures that remove the old address, so please use those for any brochures you print and distribute. Thanks!

P.S. See Miracles Happen, Sue's other project website and other favorite charity... making and distributing baby items for maternity homes and pregnancy crisis centers to donate to newborns and their mothers.

If you have benefited from this project or would like to post an idea or encouragement, please see our guestbook and Head Huggers In Use. If you would like to volunteer, please email us directly.

If you've been making chemo caps, please email us and send a photo or note so we can include you in the Volunteers Hall of Appreciation. Please also see our Donors Hall of Appreciation.
hat photo Head Huggers caps are obviously useful for anyone who has lost their hair whether due to chemotherapy, burns, brain surgery, alopecia areata or other hair loss reasons. Send us your ideas of other uses and needs for them through email or the guestbook.
Head Huggers is increasingly costly for me. I currently receive an average of 50 chemo caps a week. I label the caps and mail them with a batch of about 50 brochures to cancer centers throughout the country. Postage is expensive. Printer ink and paper for the brochures is costly too. I am retired and on a fixed income. Please donate a dollar or two for postage and paper and printer ink if you are able to do so. Thanks! ~Sue

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